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Mais de 253.000 eleitores são hoje chamados a votar nas legislativas regionais da Madeira para escolher a nova composição do parlamento do arquipélago, com 13 candidaturas em escrutínio. [ler mais]

Presidente dos EUA quer reforçar investimento e laços diplomáticos com as nações insulares. Primeiro-ministro das Ilhas Salomão, que se aproximaram de Pequim nos últimos anos, rejeita convite. [ler mais]

Uma aplicação no telemóvel poderá levar quem visita a ilha de São Miguel, e sobretudo a Ribeira Grande, pelos locais onde foi rodada a série que se tornou um fenómeno mediático. [ler mais]

Desconhecendo-se os mecanismos na origem e progressão da esclerose múltipla, esta investigação tenta desvendar a complexidade de um sintoma incapacitante e muitas vezes invisível: o défice cognitivo. [ler mais]

Francesco Bagnaia caiu a oito voltas do fim, quando era segundo, e relança discussão pelo Mundial. [ler mais]

A recent Fiesp and Deloitte study indicates that bureaucratic challenges might cost Brazil's construction sector up to R$ 59 billion ($12 billion) by 2025. These aren't just financial losses but also significant project delays. Infrastructure projects take an extra 16 months to complete. Residential constructions lag by 13 months. Forty executives from top Brazilian construction […] [ler mais]

(Opinion) Fresh from a month-long diplomatic tour, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is reshaping Brazil’s trajectory. After years of international sidelining under Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil is stepping back onto the world stage. One doesn’t need to align ideologically with the left to recognize what is happening clearly; objectivity and observational skills are entirely sufficient. […] [ler mais]

(Opinion) The endless and growing debate about Joe Biden’s age – he is 80 now – and whether those years mean he would be unable to serve another term in the White House has the hollow sound to me of voices with no experience of ‘old age’. I have. I am coming up on 88, […] [ler mais]

Brazilian and Portuguese citizens can now use their national driving licenses in each other's countries. The governments of Brazil and Portugal inked this deal. Brazil's Transport Minister Renan Filho and Portugal's Infrastructure Minister João Galamba led the signing. This deal simplifies cross-border travel for citizens of both nations. The rules are simple for drivers: The […] [ler mais]

Brazil lags in sanitation, with 35 million without drinking water and 100 million lacking sewage. Experts say Brazil is 30 years behind global standards, leading to issues like high infant mortality. Countries like Israel, Chile, and Spain exemplify better sanitation practices, while Brazil struggles to meet its 2033 goals. Compared to neighbors like Colombia and […] [ler mais]

U.S. officials are negotiating the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Vietnam, which, if finalized, would mark the largest-ever arms transfer between the two nations. Preliminary talks have happened in Hanoi, New York, and Washington. Special pricing for Vietnam is under consideration. While exact figures are undisclosed, the agreement may materialize in 2024. The South […] [ler mais]

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The group from Bahia, Brazil, became known for its beautiful vocal harmonies. “Canto Coral Afrobrasileiro,” an album recorded 40 years ago, has finally been released. [ler mais]

On their mission to seek out new life, scientists have named three new spider species Kirk, Spock and McCoy — after characters from the original “Star Trek” series. [ler mais]

After escaping from a county jail last month, Danelo Cavalcante eluded hundreds of law enforcement officers for nearly two weeks. [ler mais]

Representative George Santos denied any “negotiation” with prosecutors over the charges facing him. [ler mais]

In her first interview, Danelo Cavalcante’s mother said that her son had killed two people, but she insisted that he was not a threat to the public. [ler mais]

Here is a look at five expansive searches that lasted weeks, months or even years before the authorities caught their targets. [ler mais]

A house in Portugal’s Alentejo region lets the landscape dominate. [ler mais]

Two tanks holding nearly 600,000 gallons of wine collapsed at a distillery. No one was hurt in the ensuing flood. [ler mais]

Two tanks containing 600,000 gallons of wine collapsed at a distillery in Levira, Portugal, flooding the small town’s streets. [ler mais]

Claims that decriminalization is harmful are not backed by evidence. [ler mais]

Plus: charm necklaces, Alex Katz’s paintings of autumn — and more recommendations from T Magazine. [ler mais]

“It’s not enough just to listen — he has to do something,” said Dmytro Bohak, one of about 500 young Ukrainian pilgrims who attended the event and staged a demonstration. [ler mais]